IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
20–23 May 2024 // Vancouver, Canada

Chairs' Messages

Message from Steering Committee Chair

              Larry Xue
Chair of INFOCOM Steering Committee


Welcome to INFOCOM 2024 -- the 43rd Annual IEEE Conference on Computer Communications. This year, INFOCOM comes to the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. This is the first time since the COVID pandemic that INFOCOM will be held fully in-person, after three consecutive years. We hope that the attendees will fully enjoy the technical program, the networking experience, and the City of Vancouver.

INFOCOM 2024 in Vancouver would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of Jiangchuan Liu and Vincent Wong, the General Chairs of the conference.  As the captain of the 2024 Organizing Committee, both of them have committed a significant amount of their workday and personal time to make this conference a success. I would like to thank Tom Hou. As the Conference Operations Chair, Tom works closely with the General Chairs in leading the organizing committee. The Steering Committee was fortunate to have these dedicated leaders of the conference.

Among all data-driven, statistics-based ranking systems, INFOCOM continues to stand out as one of the most influential and highest-ranked conferences in networking. The history of networking research, to a large extent, coincided with the history of INFOCOM.  Over the past four decades, the majority of the most significant research advances in networking were published in INFOCOM proceedings.  The conference has been a primary venue to grow the field of networking from an ad hoc impromptu subject to now well-established branch of science that embodies both theory and experimentation.  What makes INFOCOM unique and stand the test of time is its openness – it never limits itself to a particular technology, layer or research methodology.  Instead, it offers a welcoming venue to new contributions from all walks of research related to networking, encompassing both theory and systems. 

The quality of INFOCOM is also reflected by the fact that it is the preferred venue each year for the winners of the IEEE Internet Award and the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award to receive their awards.  This year, the 2024 IEEE President-Elect, Kathleen Kramer, will present the IEEE Internet Award to Walter Willinger and the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award to Anja Feldmann. Congratulations to both for their outstanding achievements! INFOCOM is proud of their accomplishments and winning the two most prestigious IEEE awards in networking.

In addition to the two IEEE awards, INFOCOM also has two highly prestigious awards of its own.  The first is the INFOCOM Achievement Award, which is a lifetime achievement award to an individual who has a body of work that has had significant impacts on the networking community in general, and INFOCOM in particular.  This year, the award goes to Baochun Li for contributions to the fundamental theory and practical systems of network coding, cloud security, and resource scheduling in distributed systems. Among his many accomplishments, Baochun’s pioneering work on both theoretical advances and practical designs of network coding has led to the UUSee live streaming system in 2009, the world’s first large-scale deployment of network coding in commercial live streaming systems. While serving as a TPC Chair of INFOCOM in 2015, Baochun designed and developed a new software system for automated review assignment. This system has been successfully used at INFOCOM for nine consecutive years with excellent community feedback. The second prestigious award is the INFOCOM Test-of-Time Paper Award, which recognizes papers published between 10 to 12 years ago (a three-year window) in the INFOCOM proceedings that have been most cited and widely recognized to have a significant impact on the research community.  For 2024, the paper titled “FemtoCaching: Wireless video content delivery through distributed caching helpers” (in INFOCOM2012 proceedings) and the paper titled “Thinkair: Dynamic resource allocation and parallel execution in the cloud for mobile code offloading” (in INFOCOM2012 proceedings) were selected to receive this award. The Steering Committee congratulates the winners of these two awards and thanks them for their fine contributions to the INFOCOM community!

I want to join the General Chairs to thank all the members of the Organizing Committee. Their commitment and dedication are the keys to the success of this INFOCOM in Vancouver.  We thank Jimmy Le, who is ComSoc’s Senior Conference Planner supporting INFOCOM.

On behalf of both INFOCOM Steering and Organizing Committees, we hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver.  In addition to attending the rich and enlightening technical program of the conference, we hope you will make some new friends and re-connect with old ones.  We also hope you can find some time to enjoy the many wonders of this beautiful city and bring home some memorable pictures to keep this experience alive.

Larry Xue
IEEE INFOCOM Steering Committee Chair

Message from General Chairs

           Jiangchuan Liu                                    Vincent Wong                                       
                       IEEE INFOCOM 2024 General Chairs


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we welcome you to the IEEE INFOCOM 2024, the 43rd convening of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications.

During the rapid evolution of the modern computer communications and networking technologies in the past 40+ years, INFOCOM has always been at center stage, showcasing innovative and cutting-edge research in the field from worldwide. The research results published in INFOCOM have collectively helped with building the foundations of today’s communication networks and the services and applications running over them. This year, the organizing committee and the technical program committee worked hard to proudly provide a rich technical program consisting of 64 technical paper sessions, 10 workshops, one keynote speech session, one panel session, two demo sessions, two poster sessions, and an interview with the INFOCOM achievement award winner. Vancouver, the host city, has been waiting for this exciting event for 4 years! It was chosen as the host city for 2021 but was unfortunately postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we have combated the pandemic and, with no doubt, advanced networking and communication technologies played important roles in this battle, keeping us connected and remain productive.

We are grateful to our colleagues who worked hard to organize the conference. We would like to express our gratitude to all members of the INFOCOM steering committee, especially Larry Xue, current chair of the steering committee, and Tom Hou, the conference operations chair. Their advice and support have ensured the success of this conference. We want to thank all of our organizing committee members for their tremendous efforts: TPC Chairs Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, Fernando Kuiper, and Alex Sprintson; TPC Vice chair for Information Systems Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou; Workshop Chairs Bo Ji and Ruozhou Yu; Panel Chair Chunyi Peng; Industry Program Chair Sastry Kompella; Demo/Posters chairs Rui Zhang and Ruidong Li; Publication Chairs Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou and Bo Ji; Student Travel Grant Chairs Xiaowen Gong and Huacheng Zeng; Publicity Chairs Feng Qian and Francesco Restuccia; Web Chairs Yang Xiao and Boyang Wang; Local Arrangement Chairs Mohammad Shahrad and Mohamed Hefeeda. We also want to thank Jimmy Le for his continued support of the conference from the IEEE Communications Society side, and thank all student volunteers from the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and University of Victoria.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors for their generous financial support. Their contribution undoubtedly helps INFOCOM 2024 to offer a high-quality, inclusive and diverse experience for all attendees and ensures that INFOCOM 2024 remains a top-ranked conference on computer networking.

We sincerely hope you enjoy IEEE INFOCOM 2024 and the beautiful Vancouver, one of the most livable cities in the world, in its best season!

Jiangchuan Liu and Vincent Wong
IEEE INFOCOM 2024 General Chairs

Message from the TPC Chairs

Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy            Fernando Kuipers                     Alex Sprintson
                                        IEEE INFOCOM 2024 TPC Co-Chairs

    Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou
IEEE INFOCOM 2024 TPC Vice-Chair for Information System


On behalf of the Technical Program Committee, we would like to warmly welcome all attendees of the 43rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2024) in Vancouver, Canada.

This is the first time after the COVID pandemic that the conference will be held fully in-person, allowing attendees to actively engage and embrace the conference experience to its fullest extent!

The Technical Program Committee has received 1,307 submissions from many countries and territories across the globe. The papers were evaluated through a thorough, triple-blind, two-round review process. This year, we removed the “borderline” option to encourage the reviewers to take a stand on each paper. The papers considered in the first and second rounds received 3.95 and 5.83 reviews on average, respectively, while each paper received at least three reviews. The paper selection was finalized at the Technical Program Committee meeting, which had a 90% attendance by Area Chairs and 44% by TPC members. We are very proud of our final selection of 256 papers and very thankful to the 50 Area Chairs and more than 500 TPC members who have devoted significant time and effort to the review process. We especially value their open-minded approach, detailed technical discussions, and thorough evaluations of all aspects of the papers. As per INFOCOM traditions, 100 distinguished TPC members received certificates and were acknowledged on the INFOCOM 2024 website.

The two-round selection process enabled us to devote more attention to highly qualified papers while also ensuring that all papers were thoroughly reviewed. As always in INFOCOM, the review process was highly competitive, enabling us to form a high-quality technical program. We are grateful to everyone who submitted their work to INFOCOM 2024 and hope that the feedback provided by the reviewers was valuable to all authors.

The success of INFOCOM is predicated on teamwork, coordination, support, and selfless service. We are very grateful to the steering committee chair, Larry Xue, who guided us at all stages of the review process. We would also like to thank the INFOCOM Organizing Committee and its conference operations chair, Tom Hou, for their support. Our work was only possible with the EDAS and Duetone systems, which provided valuable tools for assigning and managing reviews. Our special thanks go to Henning Schulzrinne and Baochun Li who provided personal support and responded to countless requests for help. We are also thankful to the 2023 INFOCOM chairs, Yusheng Ji, Yanchao Zhang, Gil Zussman, and vice chair Parth Pathak, who were always available to share their invaluable experience. Jimmy Le from IEEE Communication Society was always ready to help and provide support when we needed it.

The INFOCOM 2024 Best Paper Award Committee has put a lot of effort into deliberation in selecting three papers to receive the INFOCOM 2024 Best Paper Award. The selection of best papers has also followed a two-round process. In the first round, the TPC chairs selected 15 candidate papers based on the scores and feedback from the TPC members and Area Chairs. Then, the Best Paper Award Committee selected the three best papers. The members of the Best Paper Award Committee included Roch Guerin (Chair, Washington University, St. Louis), Falko Dressler (TU Berlin), TV Lakshman (Nokia Bell Labs), Ben Liang (University of Toronto), Shiwen Mao (Auburn University), Ariel Orda (Technion), Zhi-Li Zhang (University of Minnesota), and Larry Xue (non-voting member, Arizona State University). We applaud the committee members for their service. Based on the recommendation of the Best Paper Award Committee, selected papers were fast-tracked for publication in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.

Attending the conference brings many benefits from presenting your own research, to attending technical sessions, to getting to know new colleagues, and to establishing new collaborations. We hope you will enjoy the selection of these 64 technical sessions spanning many areas in computer and data communications networks. Our special welcome goes to the students and first-time attendees.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Vancouver!


Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, Fernando Kuipers, and Alex Sprintson

Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou
IEEE INFOCOM 2024 TPC Vice-Chair for Information Systems

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